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A Complete Solution for Super-Resolution at the Single-Molecule Level

WithSRX softwareand its Quantitative Localization Microscopy analysis suite,Vutara VXLcan provide visual and quantiative information from biological samples. By localizing individual molecules, Vutara can generate stunning 3D images while simultaneously providing in-depth quantitative analysis tools.

Download a free version of SRX and use it for up to 30 days. The downloadable file is bundled with a test encrypted data set. See for yourself how SRX quickly creates publication-quality videos, images and measurements. No Vutara equipment is required to use the software.

Measurements Available Within the SRX Software

Our SRX software helps researchers quickly and easily analyze the molecular localization data collected.

SRX提供了许多工具允许用户perform measurements based upon statistical analysis of the acquired localization data. Measurements include spatial distribution, cluster analysis, co-localization, resolution analysis, live cell analysis and generation of control data for modeling.

About Vutara

Enter the world of nanoscale imaging with the Vutara VXL super-resolution microscope. Based on single-molecule localization techniques (PALM, STORM, etc.), Vutara VXL enables quantitative imaging at the nanoscale. Sophisticated visualization tools bring your results to life, and the Quantitative Localization Microscope analysis suite puts information at your fingertips.