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Providing unique insights into life sciences research with previously inaccessible data, including physical structure, biochemical interactions, and mechanical properties

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Bruker has been helping biologists discover, understand, publish and advance their knowledge of biological systems ever since our introduction of TappingMode™ expanded AFM use into life sciences research. Utilizing proprietary AFM features specifically designed for life sciences research, only Bruker’s Bio AFMs deliver the highest quality results for quantitative live-cell mechanical property mapping, highest resolution molecular and cellular imaging, and fast scanning of dynamic biological processes, as well as seamless integration of AFM with advanced optical microscopy techniques.

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Observe, Explore and Manipulate Specimens

Atomic force microscopy is an increasingly important tool in biological and biomedical studies due to its very high resolution and the possibility of conducting experiments with live cells under physiologically relevant and ambient conditions, even in liquid. AFM also provides nanometer-resolution surface mapping for many mechanical and electrical properties, such as elasticity, stiffness, conductivity and surface potential. Life science researchers are actively investigating how these properties can have a big impact on cellular functions, including communication, signaling, cell division and differentiation, and even tumor metastasis and infection.

Image Gallery

Image Gallery

Investigate Biomolecules, Individual Cells, Tissue

Bruker’s BioAFMs allow life science and biophysics researchers to further their investigations in the fields of cell mechanics and adhesion, mechanobiology, cell-cell and cell-surface interactions, cell dynamics, and cell morphology. We have collected a gallery of images demonstrating a few of these applications.


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Our webinars cover best practices, introduce new products, provide quick solutions to tricky questions, and offer ideas for new applications, modes, or techniques.

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解决real-w力量合作伙伴与我们的客户orld application issues. We develop next-generation technologies and help customers select the right system and accessories. This partnership continues through training and extended service, long after the tools are sold.

Our highly trained team of support engineers, application scientists and subject-matter experts are wholly dedicated to maximizing your productivity with system service and upgrades, as well as application support and training.

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