Optical Tweezers Systems



布鲁克offers easy-to-use, dual beam force-sensing optical tweezers systems, which can be seamlessly integrated onto inverted optical microscopes, combining advanced optical and confocal techniques such as single molecule fluorescence.

Optical tweezers is a Nobel-prize winning technology and enables the quantification of molecular, cellular and micro-rheological processes. Applications include molecular motor mechanics, binding/elasticity of DNA and proteins, cell membrane dynamics and particle uptake into cells. Bruker’s Optical Tweezers systems are used in material science and soft matter applications ranging from the characterization of mechanical properties such as adhesion, viscoelasticity or deformation, to optical, thermodynamic or nanomanipulation experiments with trapped particles.

About the JPK BioAFM Business

JPK于2018年7月加入Bruker,在实时成像,细胞力学,粘附和分子力测量,光学诱捕以及生物学刺激反应表征方面为Bruker的全球基础结构和建立的仪器开发和支持带来了深入的专业知识。JPK Bioafm业务充分利用了两种历史的最佳优势,以提供显微镜仪器的生物分子和细胞成像,以及对单分子,细胞和组织的力测量。



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