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Vutara VXL

Vutara VXL


Vutara VXL

The Vutara VXL comprehensive biological workstation for nanoscale biological imaging opens an affordable and easy-to-use path for both core facilities and individual investigators to enter the world of super-resolution imaging by incorporating Bruker’s industry-leading single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) technology in a streamlined system with compact footprint. The new system enables research on DNA, RNA and proteins, from macromolecular complexes and super-structures, to chromatin structure and chromosomal substructures, to studying functional relationships in genomes and in various subcellular organelles. This novel system also supports advanced spatial biology research in extracellular matrix structures, extracellular vesicles (EV), virology, neuroscience, and live-cell imaging. When combined with Bruker’s unique microscope fluidics unit, Vutara VXL enables multiplexed imaging for targeted, sub-micrometer multiomics in genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics research.

3D imaging
Achieves depths of >30 μm imaging with proprietary biplane technology.
Combines with robust, flexible software for studies across length scales.
Provides easy yet unlimited multiplexed imaging for spatial genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics.




Proprietary biplane technology, combined with a spatial filter in the emission light path, allows you to acquire 3D data with every acquisition. For thicker specimens, the Vutara allows you to easily perform a Z series and automatically localizes and reconstructs the entire volume.

Single-Molecule Imaging Beyond the Cover Slip

The Vutara VXL is capable of imaging far from the surface of the coverslip to accommodate a wide range of sample types. Thanks to the proprietary biplane technology, the Vutara VXL with the SRX software can perform single-molecule localization microscopy on more sample types than any other commercial single-molecule localization microscope available. Making cultured cells, cell colonies, tissue sections, and entire model organisms accessible for your single-molecule localization experiments.

Single-molecule sample types.


Vutara’s Quantitative Localization Microscopy suite allows you to turn localizations into meaningful results. Vutara's SRX workflow-driven software guides users through the setup, calibration, imaging, processing, and analysis of the super-resolution single-molecule localization experiment. The SRX software combines real-time localization processing with powerful 3D visualization and analysis tools to let researchers quickly create publication quality videos, images, and measurements.



Extend Your System's Capabilities

NAS Data Storage Unit

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A Complete Solution, From Acquisition to Analysis

借助SRX软件及其定量定位显微镜分析套件,Vutara VXL可以从生物样品中提供视觉和定量信息。通过定位单个分子,Vutara可以生成惊人的3D图像,同时提供深入的定量分析工具。

SRX software.



在设计学术界和行业的显微镜方面有超过15年的经验,我很自豪地为Vutara超分辨率显微镜的发展做出贡献。通过Biplane 3D检测和快速SCMOS成像,Vutara具有市场上最先进的超分辨率显微镜。

Joerg Bewersdorf, Ph.D., Yale University


Vutara has an excellent support team and staff as a whole making our transition to super-resolution a well-supported experience. If you're looking to advance your research by super resolution microscopy, I can confidently say that Vutara's systems are an excellent choice.

Thomas Stroh, Ph.D., Core Facility Director, McGill University


Peter McPherson, Ph.D., McGill University

Having published with a Vutara super-resolution system, I can confidently say that they offer one of the most advanced super-resolution microscopes available. Their attention to detail and ongoing close collaboration makes them one of my preferred microscopy vendors.

波士顿大学Brigitte Ritter博士




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